Hi everyone! I’m Ashleigh, the new Head of Operations at Moonshot. I hope to meet everyone in person but I wanted to take the chance to introduce myself, first.

Before Moonshot I was at the ed-tech startup, Forage (go check them out, they’re great!), where I was brought on board as the first finance hire. This gave me the opportunity to help set up finance and operations at a high growth, VC-backed startup. While with Forage I also had the chance to be involved in the Series B fundraise and got to watch the team grow by almost four times in size.

And before my ‘forage’ into startups,  I worked at EY in financial due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. There I had the chance to work across a variety of industries and gained an in-depth knowledge of business analysis and accounting.

I loved my time at Forage and EY, but I’m so excited to have the chance to work at Moonshot and help with the growth journey of the entire space sector.

What exactly excites me about this amazing opportunity and challenge ahead of me?

Space and the deep-tech enabling the commercialisation of space! This area is widely considered inaccessible or dauntingly technical for most people. But to build businesses, you need people from a variety of backgrounds with different experiences and a message that everyone will understand. I make the space economy more accessible and commercially understandable.

As the supposed Einstein quote goes, “if you can’t explain it to a 6-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself”. Whether you agree with that or not, the point is, being able to articulate ideas and the commercial value of space to the broader community will drastically improve interest, involvement and accessibility of the space economy.

I hope to help the incredible people and companies working in the Moonshot ecosystem to understand their value proposition and enable thinking about ideas with a more commercial lens.

And finally, completely unrelated to work, I wanted to share my 2021 lockdown passion project – saving rescue dogs lives! In the last 6 months of 2021, my partner and I fostered a total of 19 beautiful dogs, 18 of which were puppies, and we helped them find their forever homes.

Eventually, we decided to welcome one of them into our home permanently, pictured below is Frida, she’d like to audition for the position of unofficial Moonshot mascot.

Please reach out for a chat about space or puppy content at any time! You can find me over at chat.moonshotspace.co!

Frida the doggo