Community Leader

Salary: $70,000 – $80,000 + equity
Location: Sydney, Australia
Closing: Midnight March 16 AET

We’re looking for a leader to help boost Moonshot to the next level.

We’re an alliance of the best space tech leaders, helping incredible people with remarkable ideas create amazing companies that will expand our world and enrich our commonwealth.

We’re looking for a leader to help boost Moonshot to the next level.

We’re an alliance of the best space tech leaders, helping incredible people with remarkable ideas create amazing companies that will expand our world and enrich our commonwealth.

We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, and have created a unique tech incubator that brings together government, investors and industry, and provides programs that give ambitious teams a sandbox to try, to fail, to invent and succeed, along with a culture that encourages success to compound.

In 4 years we’ve grown from a scrappy incubator to an emerging institution within the global space ecosystem. Despite our humble beginnings in Australia, we are internationally renowned and in 2020 were ranked the 13th most influential space business. We’ve accelerated over 25 startups, invested $800k across 10 of them now worth $10.3 million. The size of the ecosystem we’re growing is valued at more than $1.51 billion and we’re only just beginning.

We’re growing, and we’re looking to expand our team. We’re searching for the most passionate and remarkable people.

As the first dedicated Community Leader, you will be invited to become one of the key contributors and facilitators of our global network, working closely with the CEO and Head of Operations to perform a broad range of tasks. We don’t expect you to know how to do all of these yet, we’re looking for someone who’d love to learn by doing:

  • Assist with the design and execution of Moonshot’s programs and events; including interaction with the founders, advisors & partner companies.
  • Coordinate and manage pre-event/program promotion, on-the-day management, and post-event/program follow-up activities, including email campaigns, surveys, and other inbound and outbound correspondence.
  • Own the online community creating an engaging, inclusive and productive environment.
  • Respond to community members’ questions and direct them to the appropriate resources.
  • Cultivating an engaged global community of space-focused founders, investors and operators via our online platforms.

Your background is less important than having key skills, which include:

  • Consulting – You love working with different groups each with different technical or commercial challenges, and can provide advice and guidance to help them progress
  • Teamwork – you’re able to manage a lot of stakeholders and keep everyone on track to deliver on time
  • Communication – you thrive on working with people, articulating complex concepts to be digestible for your current audience, and being a driving force of a whole community
  • Operational ability – You thrive in environments where you need to keep a thousand balls in the air, always coming out on top when time or budgets are too tight
  • Engineering – You understand the natural world and how to apply key scientific principles for designing and building technology
  • Experience – we think the right person will have ~2 years of professional work experience, give or take

We are looking for candidates that have a history of building ‘monuments’ – no matter how small. Monuments are projects or ventures that you’ve led or had a significant impact as a part of. The kind of thing that in 20 years you’ll reflect back and will be able to point to being a driving force of an incredible team that achieved something great.

You must be willing to travel and potentially relocate.

This role comes with equity in addition to salary, and your role, responsibilities and salary will grow with the growth of Moonshot.

Some of the things we love about working at Moonshot:

  • Spaceships. Actual spaceships, astronauts, and people making science fiction real.
  • Daily contact with some of the most influential space technology leaders across the globe
  • Getting to travel Australia and the globe as an emerging leader in space tech and startups
  • We get to form strong relationships with some of the most impressive people on the planet, who are our mentors and investors
  • Receiving a perpetual masterclass in building real tech startups, and getting a taste of the world of early-stage startup investing
  • The feeling when a simple piece of advice you’ve given a founder, who has been overlooked by others, has unleashed them to become incredible

Some of the things that might challenge you:

  • We’re a startup, too. We don’t even have an office, yet! We’re not afraid to admit that we’ve never done this before, and we’re making everything up and learning rapidly as we go along.
  • No hand-holding. You’re going to be given a lot of autonomy. We need your fresh perspectives, and for you to establish new processes and systems.
  • Chaos. We embrace chaos and moving rapidly. Not everything works out as we plan, and that’s ok because we’ll change tack and try something different until we succeed.
  • Relentless feedback. We’re constantly looking for unfiltered feedback because we know that objectively acting on feedback is the best way to grow. If we embrace the pain, we can find new opportunities in the adversity.

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