Our global reach and worldclass network of professionals, academics and business leaders provide the solid foundation of knowledge and experience needed to launch new businesses.

High-Value Network

300+ space and investment experts and alumni

Advanced Understanding

of space challenges and opportunities

Global Recognition

55+ official leaders spanning the globe

Worldwide Reach

Presence at 40+ international events and conferences

Capital Investment

Uniting forward thinking investors with innovative businesses

Start-Up Acceleration

Boosting start-up businesses into orbit

Space is Open for Business

There’s never been a better time to take new businesses to space.

From satellite imaging and weather monitoring to the GPS system on your smartphone, today’s space infrastructure is critical to every economic sector and corner of society. 

The possibilities for future growth and expansion are limitless.

But doing business in space requires much more than just access to a rocket. There are many hurdles – legal, political and financial – which require a wide variety of disciplines and experience to overcome.

The advice and oversight of experts in industry, academia and governance are critical to enable new and viable entrants to market.

What’s more, Moonshot undertakes capital raising programs and business accelerators to provide direct support to start-ups and new enterprises as they build commercial momentum.

How Moonshot Works

We are united in our belief that access to opportunities today means a better world tomorrow.

To achieve this, we are committed to connecting talented entrepreneurs and innovators with the capital, expertise and experience required to realise their vision.

Innovation and Talent

Nexus, our social enterprise, is the world’s largest space talent and innovation growth network. We also run Space Elevator, a framework which fosters collaboration, innovation and commercialisation of space-enabled businesses.


Our network’s expertise and experience delivers valuable insights to the space economy. We advise governments, industry and research institutions to facilitate the commercialisation of space innovations.


We connect investors with lucrative space investment opportunities through our fund and advanced understanding of the dynamic and rapidly evolving space economy.

Strength in Numbers

The space economy is not zero-sum. Together, our network of over 300 people and hundreds of organisations can find more lucrative outcomes than we could individually.

Ambassadors and Diplomats


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Moonshot was founded by Troy McCann in 2016 to grow broad commercial space capability by assembling a collaborative platform to capture and grow the most promising space-enabled opportunities.

Troy was ranked as the 4th most influential global space leader of more than 2000 people in 2019.

“Moonshot was founded to deliver on a vision of diverse human collaboration to build a wealthier world. The Earth may be finite, but the resources and potential of the universe around us is practically unlimited.


We believe that we must shift our thinking to expand the sphere of human possibility. We must defeat scarcity. We must strive for abundance. We must overcome existential threats such as climate change.


The economy has begun to expand beyond the horizon. We’ve taken the first steps toward a new era which will bring the greatest social and environmental boon in history.


We must press onward. Ad astra.”

Troy McCann, Founder of Moonshot