Such a relief to see content like this.

Space is not a playground for billionaires.

It’s a playground for people with remarkable ideas about how to use new perspectives to solve our biggest challenges.

It’s how we can monitor and react to the changing climate.

It’s how we’re learning how to grow food in inhospitable conditions.

It’s how we’re opening access to our collective knowledge of the universe to the people of the global south.

It’s how we’re developing new medicines to battle conditions like cancer.

To be sure, it’s no club for defeatists whose preferred solution existential challenges is to retreat and stagnate.

Space is an open source of inspiration for optimists working together to build a better future for everyone.

The universe is always changing and there will always be new threats on the horizon.

We need to find comfort in embracing uncertainty, and to find opportunity to flourish by overcoming adversity together.

So look up, dare to dream, and make your science fiction reality. Just like the incredible team in this article are doing.

It’s the only way to overcome them and avoid a dystopic future.

Keep up the great work, Marta and co!

Ad astra