Founder's Statement

When I ask people what they think of when they hear the word space, they generally talk about roaring rockets that cost a lot of money, bleeping satellites with unknown purpose, and utopic science fiction about a future among the stars that was promised but never came to be.

I have a different perspective on why space is important to humanity and our world.

Space is not a single location that includes the whole universe beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Space is everywhere, but a more useful definition is that space is symbolic of frontier locations within our universe that give us new perspectives and opportunities to solve our greatest challenges. From the deepest depths of our oceans to infrastructure orbiting our planet, and beyond to celestial bodies from the moon to Mars and even resource-rich comets.

Space is not only about these locations. Moonshot is not about getting to the moon. It’s about driving humanity towards a better future, faster.

Finally, space is a forgotten inspiration critical to our everyday lives. Ironically, with advances in technology in the 20th century, from the electric light bulb to global positioning systems, we’ve lost touch with our place in the universe as the stars have faded from view and we’ve lost the ability to navigate by reading the sky in favour of more convenient technologies. While space technology underpins all our modern economy and society, it’s become hidden from view, forcing most of us to retreat from the universe.

I want to help everyone reconnect with the universe and give you the opportunity to use it to reflect back on yourself and your purpose within it.

With advances in manufacturing and miniaturisation of electronics, the average person now can easily develop powerful technologies, wrap a business model around it, and become a wealthy space entrepreneur. In the past decade, we’ve seen giant leaps in the capability of commercial space infrastructure, leading to new supply chains and opportunities for commercialisation of capital-efficient products and services that are forever changing all terrestrial industries.

The once-niche aerospace industry is becoming the core of today’s global economy, as it expands to include new frontier locations within and beyond earth. Today we’re amplifying the value of our world as we more tightly integrate cyberspace with new physical space. By accelerating the whole economy into new frontiers – both cyber and physical – we gift ourselves new opportunities to solve our greatest challenges, including poverty, disease and famine.

Going to space isn’t about creating a new world beyond earth as a backup. It’s about expanding and enriching the world we have through collaboration and taking strategic but bold risks to accelerate humanity together.

We’re on the verge of a Cambrian explosion of new opportunity. I hope you’ll decide to join Moonshot and together we can realise this vision.

Ad astra,

Troy McCann
Founder of Moonshot


Rise to New Heights With Moonshot

The Moonshot Model is a two-part framework for bringing people together to solve giant challenges and is what makes us a unique organisation.


Evolving community into a network

Nexus is an evolutionary structure that defines the people and organisations within the Moonshot community as it spans the globe – including startups, established enterprise, government organisations, investors, and community partners across several sectors. Our goal is to align the diverse interests of each partner to create a productive international network of collaborators, where each partner gains value and the product of any collaboration is always greater than what would be achievable alone.


Elevating ideas to commercial tech successes

The Space Elevator defines a series of events, programs and investment opportunities that systematically elevates the sophistication of the most promising innovations and teams from idea to commercial success. It brings different members of Nexus together to collaborate in mutually beneficial ways, creating opportunities that wouldn’t exist otherwise, reducing the friction and risk in turning bold ideas into commercial successes.

Closing The Loop Between The Two

Accelerating growth and opportunity

Nexus and the Space Elevator are two parts of a positive feedback loop. As our successful teams grow and in turn invest their own time and money into developing future generations of Moonshooters, the Moonshot Model compounds the repeated successes emerging from the Space Elevator by growing and refining our Nexus community.