Our investor network is a high-calibre community of experts and leaders from across the globe, investing time and money into the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs.

At Moonshot, our mentors are all investors looking to give back and help build the next generation of high-impact tech businesses. Our mission is to create a feedback loop of great entrepreneurs helping to grow the next generation of great entrepreneurs.

Our Stage 4 startup accelerator is a mentor-driven program, which means our mentors invest small amounts of time and money into promising new tech businesses. Startups for each cohort are chosen in close collaboration with our mentors, whose contributions of time and money are the greatest drivers of success. The startups receive an investment from our mentor fund, access to our 3-month space accelerator program, and lifetime access to a high-caliber international network of successful entrepreneurs, investors and leaders.

Stage 4 Program

Stage 4 assembles a high-quality selection of space business investment opportunities and generates a more mature space entrepreneurship community by creating an ecosystem for startups and investors to achieve an above-average chance of success.

It is a 3-month full-time program, with the cohort selected by our mentors. The program is designed to challenge founders to achieve business development and R&D goals beyond what is possible alone, with a focus on helping the startups generate revenue and a strategy for growth beyond the program. The program includes an investment from our mentor fund, allowing founders to dedicate themselves to their venture full time, while we provide them access to office space, expert coaching and mentorship, educational workshops, and engagement with a high-value network of investors and key partners from across the globe.

Investment Vehicle

Our investment vehicle is an Australian unit trust. Mentors purchase units of the trust from Moonshot and we invest the funds into incorporated early-stage businesses defined by a multi-stage shortlisting process based on votes, including a day of one-on-one interviews.

Becoming a Moonshot Mentor

We’re very selective about who we invite to join our mentor community as our success relies on maintaining very high-caliber mentors. If you’re a person with more than $2.5m in assets or $250k of income over the previous two years, and feel that you have what it takes to meaningfully help grow high-impact tech businesses, we invite you to first join our Moonshot supporter list.