A moonshot isn’t a journey to the Moonit’s a journey to the futureand our funds are being rewarded for fueling that growth

What do Goldman Sachs, UBS, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America all have in common?

They agree that the space economy is booming and will reach at least $1 trillion by 2040, even as high as $3 trillion.

More incredible is that these figures only focus on space infrastructure, and don’t account for all of the space derived value being enabled throughout the rest of the economy.

We're preparing a new launchpad:$50 million | 10 First Investments | 3 Years

We saw this coming, so 5 years ago we started building what’s now a world-renowned system to support and amplify the top emerging space investment opportunities from around the globe.

Today, our first $800k invested is valued at $10.3 million, and our system is continuing to gain speed.

Now we’re ready to level up once again and launch our first venture capital fund.

Get in at the ground floor of the next generation of ground-breaking, qualified tech startups from across the globe.Become a Limited Partner at Moonshot as we launch our first venture capital fund.

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We intend to establish and start raising for our new fund in Q4 2022. Soon we’ll be all systems go. If you’re interested to join us on this new rocket ship, let us know below and let’s have a chat.

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