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Mentors are the driving force behind the Moonshot engine. Unlike most incubators or accelerators, our mentors are space pioneers – leading founders and operators from across the globe – who are also the investors of our early startups. Our programs are mentor-driven, and key to our compounding success is our model encouraging the community to invest into the community.

The Space Elevator might take startups on a linear trajectory, but for the ecosystem there are feedback loops that compound success – as our alumni increment towards Stage 6, they too become investors and mentors for the next generation of Moonshot startups.

The collective skill and experience of our mentor network – not to mention the resulting second order network beyond Moonshot – create an incredibly valuable resource for our founders, operators and even other mentors.

A global platformto connect you with the most ambitious

We’re on a mission to find and cultivate the best people from anywhere around the globe who have remarkable ideas about how humanity should use space. We can’t do that from only a handful of locations – we need to be omnipresent.

We’re building an online space tech incubation platform called Nexus – a collection of online tools to help connect ambitious founders with the most valuable mentors from around the globe. The best part is that you can start today for free, to get a taste for moonshot mentorship and build your profile.

So transfer to our orbit and join our community Discord server or our web forum. We promise you’ll get out more than you put in!

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We’re getting ready to launch a new series of programs for 2022, and will open a new mentor fund very soon. In the meantime, let us know you’re interested below so we can keep you in our orbit.

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