Wanted: Electronics Engineer for Stealth Company

Starting Salary: $70,000 – 95,000 inc. super, depending on experience
Location: Sydney
Closing: Open until the perfect candidates are found, to start asap

A stealth space startup is looking for a passionate electronics wiz to join the pioneering team who have built a new machine for manufacturing next-gen space technology.

We’re a stealth space startup in Sydney that is expanding its team of bold engineers building a new kind of additive manufacturing capability for novel RF products for aerospace applications. We’re looking for an electronics engineer with a passion for embedded systems, high-speed electronics, and space technology to join us as we grow one of the most groundbreaking companies on and off the planet.

If selected, you’ll share responsibility for building a capability that will revolutionise how we access and use outer space, including collaborating with the internal team and external partners to design and develop new manufacturing machinery, for use on Earth and in space.

Space industry experience isn’t necessary, but a history of developing aerospace or medical equipment, for example, will be looked upon favourably. Our team is made of passionate people who thrive on creating what seems like magic to others, and a similarly driven person is ideal for this position.

Your level of engineering qualification or academic performance matters less than your demonstrable experience, but you will need to be a qualified engineer and cross-discipline experience is a bonus. You will need to demonstrate the following core competencies:

  • Embedded systems design
  • RTOS experience
  • Design, building and testing of PCBs
  • Design and build of low-voltage electrical systems

This role will be for 6 months initially and you will be responsible for leading the electronics engineering aspects of refining the machine, as well as working closely with our clients and research partners for designing and fabricating electronic circuits. Your role will have the opportunity to be converted into a permanent position, with scope for salary increases and equity in the company as we grow the business and our team. As the company grows, so will your role, responsibilities, and salary. In time, there may also be scope for international travel and other perks.

If you have experience in the following areas, let us know:

  • Industrial printer technology
  • Developing RF and analogue front-end circuits
  • Topological optimisation modelling for electromagnetic applications (e.g. ANSYS, CST, Matlab, etc)
  • Electronics and semiconductor materials science
  • Building 3D printers, CNC machines, or other manufacturing automation equipment
  • Secure internet-connected devices
  • Engineering aerospace or medical products to international standards
  • If you’re alumni of student engineering projects such as Formula SAE, competitive rocketry clubs, launching cubesats, or similar.

This project will build upon the foundations already established for a new, long-term technology business. Your role will include:

  • Accountability for designing and building specific subsystems of the machine
  • Responsibilities for researching and designing to applicable engineering standards
  • Engaging with international partners from aerospace and other industries to develop a space-worthy product
  • Working closely with your team and external partners to ensure successful integration of all subsystem designs leading to a desirable product
  • Understanding that the ‘best part is no part’ when designing and that the simplest solutions to engineering challenges are the most desirable
  • Embracing risk and failure via strategic experimentation, and always operating within tight feedback loops to learn from mistakes and to try again.

Your background is less important than having key skills, which include:

  • Strategic thinking  – You understand the natural world and are proficient at applying key scientific principles for designing and building technology
  • Problem-solving – You love working on tough projects and the challenge of complex environments and problems
  • Teamwork – you enjoy collaborating with other people and can  contribute expertise to your team and the business to effectively accelerate everyone’s progress
  • Adaptability – You thrive in uncertain environments where you need to define your own path forward

Our culture is that of a sandbox, providing everyone with an opportunity to try, learn, fail and succeed. You will make new ‘monuments’ to be proud of, and remarkable advances in humankind’s ability to leverage space to protect the biosphere and increase the global commonwealth. And working with a great group of people while doing it.

Some of the things you might love about this opportunity:

  • Spaceships. Actual spaceships, astronauts, and making science fiction real
  • Daily contact with some of the most impressive space organisations and business leaders on the planet
  • You’ll get to contribute to an opportunity that is profoundly fulfilling
  • Gain a masterclass in building a high-impact tech startup, while rubbing shoulders with investors and partners who could support your own venture in the future
  • The feeling when you progressively pass design reviews, validate tech builds, and eventually receive notification that something you’ve built is operating successfully in Earth orbit

Some of the things that might challenge you:

  • It’s a startup. You need to be honest and unafraid enough to admit that you’ve never done this before – no one has – and be ok with iterating and learning rapidly as you  go along.
  • No hand-holding. You’re going to be given a lot of autonomy. The team needs your fresh perspectives, and for you to establish new processes and systems as you design and build.
  • Chaos. You will need to embrace organised chaos and moving rapidly. Not everything works out as planned, and that’s ok because you will change tack and try something different until successful.
  • Development feedback. The team is constantly looking for unfiltered feedback because we know that objectively acting on feedback is the best way to develop and grow. By embracing adversity, everyone can find new opportunities.

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