We're in a new space age.Today, everyone has a role to play.

Its like a micro-MBAfor space startup operators

It takes all kinds to build a space ecosystem. Some of the most incredible people don't want to be founders, but they do have incredible skills, experience and passion to bring to amazing startups.

Our Stage 1-3 programs are calibrated to give you the boost in practical skill and experience to make you a valuable addition to any space startup team.

Industry ready students

Whether a personal side project or a university capstone project, students gain access to our industry partners and mentors as they develop novel space-enabled solutions, complementing academic study with practical leadership and experience and developing valuable credibility amongst industry employers.

Professional development for startup talent

Our programs are the perfect for helping on-board new or future talent for space startups. Participants are given a practical crash course of the space tech landscape, what it takes for the team to build a successful startup together, and to meet new mentors to guide their continued personal development.

Level yourself up withour Space Elevator

A bootcamp weekend to
connect new people to space

An Ideator for turning people with
ideas into projects and teams

A Pre-Accelerator for transforming
projects into impactful businesses

The world's best space startup


Venture Capital funding for space
technology commercialisation

Stage Six

When startups become businesses
with founders becoming mentors

From one person with an idea to a team, learning together.

Our Space Elevator programs help operators find a way into the nascent space ecosystem, and creates ladders of opportunities for them to be a part of the teams – whether startups or educational associations – who are leveling up.

We’re increasing our partnerships with groups like the Melbourne Space Program and Monash University’s Nova Rover teams, to better prepare and match top talent – whether students or operators new to space startups – with partners of our ecosystem.

An open platformto grow global innovation

We’re on a mission to find and cultivate the best people from anywhere around the globe who have remarkable ideas about how humanity should use space. We can’t do that from only a handful of locations – we need to be omnipresent.

We’re building an online space tech incubation platform. We call it Nexus, which sounds fancy, but it’s really just a collection of online tools to help ambitious operators more easily build new relationships with and start new roles within space tech startups – without needing to be a part of one of our programs.

So transfer to our orbit and join our community Discord server or our web forum. We promise you’ll get out more than you put in!

Join Moonshotand find your place in space

We’re getting ready to launch a new series of programs for 2022, and will open applications for our programs again soon. In the meantime, let us know you’re interested below so we can keep you in our orbit.

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