From Ground to Space

We offer a turnkey series of events, training and acceleration programs that introduce new people to big ideas before taking them on a journey towards building high-impact, international businesses.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a founder needing investment capital, or a leader of a business needing access to space flight facilities, our suite of events and programs are tailored for helping you grow valuable space-enabled ventures.


A gateway to the world of space-enabled innovation. Our hackathons, bootcamps and events bring together entrepreneurs, talent, researchers and experts from across the economy to dabble in space.


Join a community of space pioneers. Have fun building prototypes for space-enabled technologies and solutions, as you engage with seasoned experts and mentors from across the globe - without quitting your day job.


Take the plunge and take your project full time as we help you take it from an innovation to a commercial product or service. Build a revenue generating space businesses or or company ready to pitch for venture investment.


Bootstrap with seed investment from our syndicate fund, and receive specialised space support with access to space flights, manufacturing support, and fundraising opportunities as we amplify the sophistication of your business.


Set your business to hyperdrive and scale with access to key commercial partnerships and larger pools of capital, as you enter the final stage of building a successful commercial space-enabled business.