A moonshot isn’t a journey to the moon.It’s a journey to the future.

Join your organisation with an alliance of the world’s top space pioneers. Use your services to help grow an ecosystem of incredible startups with remarkable ideas about how humankind should use space.

Your offerings can contribute to the ladder of opportunity we collectively create for top startups to level up, while helping compound success and recycling accumulated experience, creating a rising tide to lift all boats.

Venture Capital funding for space
technology commercialisation


A Pre-Accelerator for transforming
projects into impactful businesses

A bootcamp weekend to
connect new people to space

Stage Six

When startups become businesses
with founders becoming mentors


The world's best space startup


An Ideator for turning people with
ideas into projects and teams

250 participants | 60 mentors | 12 investments

Growing an entirely new sector of the economy requires more than helping a few startups. It means cultivating talent, educating investors, and creating a global network of sandboxes where teams can assemble to try, to fail, to invent and to succeed.

We can’t do it on our own, and to enable the 2022 series we’re looking for partners to join our ecosystem to help us raise the operational funding needed to level up the space ecosystem, all while embedding your products and services into the various stages of our Space Elevator to further help space tech startups bring sci fi to the real world.

If you’re interested to partner with Moonshot, tell us what you think your ideal partnership would look like. We are flexible. Our only restrictions are ensuring we have the resources to execute the programs, the relative contributions of other partners, and the trust that our founders have in our alignment with their interests first and foremost.

If you believe that a rising tide can lift all boats, then we invite you to become an ecosystem partner today.

What are you waiting for?Join our alliance!

If you’re interested to chat with us some more about exactly what a partnership might look like, get in touch using the button below.

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