We’ve built an engine toaccelerate humanity.

We’re a global alliance of 40+ space pioneers each investing our time, money and connections to level up new space-tech founders, operators and investors through special programs and other opportunities.

We’ve so far made $800k of investments, currently valued at over $10.3 million, helping create an ecosystem worth $143 million and leading to over 100 new jobs created.

We’ve only just begun and today we’re raising new funds, incubating new startups, and on-boarding new mentors to further amplify our collective impact. A moonshot isn’t a journey to the moon, it’s a journey to the future – together we’re building a better world.

Join us and let’s build this rocket ship, together. 🚀

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Grow a team and build your own space company with the support of our Space Elevator

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Put your experience and skills to the test and help the next big startup

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For high net worths that want diversified exposure to space technology

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For operators:

Show the community you've got the right stuff and land your dream job at a space company

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Help space startups grow faster by becoming a strategic ecosystem partner

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For governments:

Bring us to your city to grow and amplify your local space tech ecosystem

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