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We're building a global network of space tech cities

Each Moonshot city is a key piece of the engine to accelerate humanity.

Our strategy is centered around starting small, being efficient, and compounding success every day with our proven programs, for a multi-decade economic transformation of incredible new jobs and growth.

Don't reinvent the wheel.Let us build your rocket ship.

All we need is your help to land and establish a base of operations for a small local team.

They will lay the foundations for new space tech investment, talent creation, and commercial partnerships using our tried and true programs and frameworks, all while leveraging our global resources to amplify the process.

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We’re on the lookout for new locations to bring into our broader ecosystem, creating a regional powerhouse of investment, talent and trade attraction. If you want to hear more about how to ignite a Cambrian explosion of economic activity where you live, then get in contact today.

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