Moonshot is the product of a high-calibre community of experts and leaders from across the globe, all investing time and money into the next generation of high-impact entrepreneurs.

Cherie Dawn

Head of Business Development at Moonshot

Flavia Tata Nardini

Founder and CEO of Fleet Space

Josh Tepper

Co-Founder and CTO of Swoop Aero

Carley Scott

CEO of Equatorial Launch Australia

Heidi Krebs

Non Executive Director and Aerospace Investor

Michael Koenka

Managing Partner at Koenka & Partners

Matthew Pearson

COO at Fleet Space

Alice Sidhu

Executive Director at LIVLAB

Simon Raik-Allen

Founder of the Melbourne CTO Club

Christian Thaler-Wolski

Advisor at SpaceTec Capital

Rainer Horn

Managing Partner at SpaceTec Capital

Thomas Rice

Portfolio Manager at Perpetual Limited

Abishek Murali

Co-Founder of Leo Aerospace

Jeremy Hallett

Founder and CEO of Clearbox Systems

Ben Starkey

Managing Director at Ozius

Daniel Milford

Founder and MD at Chironix

Michael Hepfer

Co-Founder of Leo Aerospace

Steve Willis

Retired Snr. Managing Director of Accenture

Chris Ahern

Director at Earth Space Robotics

Tejpaul Bhatia

Office of the CIO at Google

Steve Winnall

VP Engineering at Myriota

Jack Wright Nelson

Space Lawyer and Associate at King and Wood Mallesons

Drew Sherman

Co-Founder of Leo Aerospace

Alan Jones

GP at M8 Ventures

Alisa Starkey

Founder of Ozius

Sally Maconochie

Founder and CEO of Reazen

Tim Parsons

CEO of Delta V

Bec Martin

Ex-Senior Ministerial Advisor of Innovation in Victoria

Amir Blachman

CBO of Axiom Space

Andrew Aldrin

Director of Aldrin Space Institute

James Stewart

Deep Tech Consultant

Adam Gilmour

Founder and CEO of Gilmour Space

Troy McCann

Founder of Moonshot

Martin Duursma

GP at Main Sequence Ventures

Adrian Stone

CEO of Stanford Pacific Group

Dane Rudy

Co-Founder of Leo Aerospace

Grant Downie

Founder and Director at InnovAction

Charlie Day

Retired CEO of the Office of Innovation and Science Australia

Bryce Prior

Co-Founder of Leo Aerospace

Jordan Green

President and Founder of Melbourne Angels

Tristonne Forbes

Head of Programs at Moonshot

Candace Johnson

President at Johnson Paradigm Ventures

Peter Nikoloff

Co-Founder and Director of Nova Systems

Caitlin Iles

Angel Investor, Startup Advisor and Experienced VC

Zac Duff

Co-Founder and CEO of JigSpace

Stuart B Richardson

Managing Partner at Adventure Capital

Michelle Gilmour

Director at Gilmour Space

Eric Peck

Co-Founder and CEO of Swoop Aero

How do I become a Moonshot mentor?

The success of our programs relies on a high-calibre pool of mentors, each who are participants in our mentor-driven fund and contribute their experience and access to their own networks to the collective capability of our community to help grow new technologies and businesses.

Mentors are all investors of both time and money and are the catalyst of our Stage 4 Accelerator. If you feel that you have what it takes to meaningfully help grow high-impact tech businesses, we invite you to first join our list of Moonshot Patrons.