At Moonshot we’re an alliance of global space pioneers on a mission to build an international innovation engine to accelerate humanity.

I’ve been working 70+ hour weeks without pause on Moonshot for years now. I can’t express how taxing it’s been, often scraping by on no income, just to get the Moonshot engine to turnover. And when you’re fighting for air all the time, it can be hard to make any real progress, and even harder to notice if you’ve been effective at all.

We’re still not quite there, but I feel comfortable saying this today because I finally did pause to reflect – and I’m stunned. Take a look at these stats!

💲 We’ve invested $800k across 10 startups so far
🦉Thanks to 40 incredible mentors – with at least 20 more waiting to join
💰 Those investments are currently valued at $10.3 million
🤑 The total market cap of all our portfolio companies is ~$143 million
👩‍🏭 They’ve created 110 new jobs, so far, with 1451 jobs across our whole ecosystem
📈 The market cap of this Moonshot ecosystem is >$1.51 billion today and still growing

Whoa. 👀

I couldn’t be happier with this. Earlier this year I was told by a civil servant over coffee that Moonshot was “too risky” to grant a key contract to (albeit, only a few weeks before they took up a new job with the bidder they awarded the contract to 🙃).

While there’s still a lot that can go wrong, these numbers speak volumes. We still don’t have a solid source of sustainable revenue – but our community of passionate mentors, partners and supporters is bigger than ever and expanding every day.

As we’re propelled into 2022, things are getting even more exciting, too:

👩‍🚀 We’re weeks away from expanding our full-time team for the first time, with a couple of new lead roles.
📈 We’ve jumped a massive hurdle and found a financial services licence so we can raise bigger funds from more investors and mentors – applications for which will open next month.
🏗 We’ve upgraded our fund structure so that we can now effortlessly spin up new special purpose vehicles to make follow-on investments and other strategic space investments.
🚀 If all goes well by the end of next year, Moonshot will have invested into at least another 12 space startups, more than doubling our portfolio, and we’ll have brought another 250 members into our booming space tech community.

So if you’re considering joining the Moonshot ecosystem as a founder, operator, mentor, investor, or partner, then head over to our website and check it out in more detail. We’d love to have you.

If you’re a Mentor today (or a Mentor-in-waiting!) I want to thank you for being a part of this ambitious journey to the moon, and for believing in Moonshot enough to put up your hard-earned money as well as your time. 🙏

🤝 If you want to join us, check out our freshly updated website,

For now, I’m going to take the weekend off. Thanks for supporting us and have a great holiday.

Don’t forget to watch the JWST launch tomorrow! 🔭

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