Dreaming about space is a humbling exercise. Thinking about the size of our planet relative to the rest of the universe is something difficult to truly understand and conceive. So it’s not a surprise that projects related to space are always highly inspirational, as they are almost always something that redefines the identity of the human race entirely.

We believe that space is a way to get more people to focus on solving truly valuable problems facing humanity — whether through technology that is Earth-facing, or otherwise.

At MoonshotX we strive to reduce the barriers facing people with great visions and great ideas. Through our Gemini Space Entrepreneurship Incubator, we are engaging in a not-for-profit exercise to create an unprecedented global community of collaborating space entrepreneurs, partner organisations, mentors, and investors. We have landed in 15 cities across the world this year, where we are looking to work with local partners who agree with our vision and to help us build the foundations for the next generations of truly valuable technologies and companies that will alter what it means for us to be human.

While a very low-cost program, Gemini is out of reach for some people. So we decided to offer over USD$30,000 worth of bursaries for applicants of the Gemini 2 cohort who will start in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, USA and Canada this November.

We are offering three kinds of scholarship/bursary:

MoonshotX Global Community Scholarship

Due by November 1, we are looking for a MoonshotX Global Community Representative in each of our 15 cities. Successful recipients will receive free access into GEM02, and will work closely with us and our local partners to increase our local outreach in your city. This means establishing contacts with local universities and groups, marketing events in collaboration with our local venue partners, and being our boots-on-the-ground person in the lead up to the GEM02 launch and throughout the program.

MoonshotX Startup Scholarship

The Startup Scholarship is a significant discount for applicants whom can’t afford the full fee, but we would like to help be a part of our program and community. The cost of the program for Startup Scholarship participants is a discount from USD$1199 to only USD$499 — less than half price.

MoonshotX ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’ Bursary

We have some niche areas of space that we’d love to see more of. If you have a law background, a space law startup that can help reduce the time and cost of completing paperwork to get access to space you can save people and organisations a lot of money and time. If you can develop an operating system that works across a number of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Cubesat On-Board-Computer modules, you will have made satellite hardware as accessible to app developers as the smart phone.

We hope that this will allow many more valuable people to access and become a part of our community. Click here and complete this form if you would like to apply.