Things are really ramping up at MoonshotX HQ! With the launch of the first international Gemini space incubator (Gemini 2) impending, and a lot of talk about the creation of the recently committed space agency in our home nation of Australia, there is a lot of news to share.

Gemini 2 Application Deadline Change — Now November 10

As the old saying goes, “when it rains, it pours.” It’s no secret that we have always planned to launch a world-leading accelerator program for space and deep-tech startups that are further along the Investment Readiness Level index than those participating in Gemini.

We had intended to start dedicating more time to post-Gemini support later this year, but in the last fortnight we have been presented with some very interesting and time critical opportunities that are directly related to these future plans. This has meant we’ve had less time available to ramp up for the Gemini launch.

We have no intention of under-delivering on Gemini being a world-class entrepreneurial program and community, so we have decided to postpone the date for close of applications until November 10, with the first episode being broadcast from Melbourne to the rest of the globe the week after.

To those who are itching to dive in and start, we thank you for your patience. The extra 2 weeks will allow us to take advantage of some very exciting opportunities for both those who enter the Gemini program and those who will be ready to turn the dial all the way to eleven with a startup and a Moonshot accelerator next year.

New Pricing Options

Gemini is a 6-month program and a lifelong community of productive individuals forming an incredibly valuable global network. We run Gemini as a not-for-profit venture because we believe that money should not be a barrier to individuals looking to create a valuable solution and a more abundant future for the billions of people here on earth (and, maybe, beyond).

The fees we collect for Gemini are exclusively used for the purpose of delivering a valuable course and for curating a productive, global community.

We’ve created new pricing options to help individuals gain access to Gemini. Firstly, we now have an option to either pay an upfront fee, or to make small weekly repayments, in your home currency.

New Startup Scholarship — USD$499

We have devised a new Startup Scholarship, for strong applicants who are not in a position to afford the full priced fee. We suggest that anyone interested put in an application, regardless of financial ability, because we want to do what we can to support you to access the same opportunities as anyone else.

University Student Society and Academic Institution Partnerships

Diversity is a key factor to a thriving community. For Gemini, we need people with all kinds of academic backgrounds to solve such a broad range of problems. We need engineers, lawyers, teachers, marketers, economists — everyone has a valuable role to play in creating a more abundant future.

We also need more than the usual space enthusiast or stereotypical Silicon Valley CEO app developer. We are looking to create partnerships with academic institutions that value commercial outcomes from research. We would like to see academic researchers work and collide ideas with complimentary individuals and turn their years of research efforts into sustainable solutions that can benefit the world sooner, rather than being limited to text in an academic journal.

We also want to work with motivated final year students — the next generation of innovators who bring new insights and energy to old problems. Do you have experience designing and building cubesats at your university, or perhaps designing a novel 3D printed rocket engine for a final year engineering project and would like to take it to the next level? Maybe you just want to gain some valuable skills and be able to demonstrate innovative thinking, leadership, and to get access to individuals and organisations where you might like to find work.

We are signing up student clubs around the globe who want to become a valuable partner of our Gemini community, and can secure small funding to offer some of their members training and opportunities through Gemini.

For more information on our Academic Partner Program, download out flyer here. For more information on our Student Club Partner Program, download our flyer here.

If you lead a student society and you would like to have a chat, send us an email to and we will contact you.

Streamlined Application Questions

We’ve revised our application form on F6S. We now only ask you to answer 12 questions. Go to to see.

Gemini Episode 1: Contact Light

Gemini Episode 1 will be conducted from Collective Campus in Melbourne, Australia on November 15. The session consists of two parts: We will open with an introduction to the Gemini program and what to expect for the months ahead, welcoming our new cohort across 15 cities and 5 countries.

We will also be joined for an exciting breadth lecture from Dr Marc Jurblum, a psychiatric doctor who will share with you the intriguing area of, and opportunities for, space medicine. Yes, you read that correctly, space medicine!

For each Gemini session, one of our cities will host and live stream two special guest speakers for our participants to engage with or watch later. The first speaker will discuss a space business development topic — the core of the Gemini program — before a second speaker will talk about a breadth subject which we hope will inspire and motivate our community to solve critical problems that they’ve never necessarily considered before. Space is not only about rocket science!

For tickets to attend the first episode of Gemini 2, which will be held in Melbourne, either register to participate in the Gemini program, or head over to our event registration page here.