At MoonshotX our mission is to make space easy. We don’t only mean aerospace. We mean solving difficult and critical problems using emerging technologies for a better future.

We’re constantly conducting a global search for entrepreneurial leaders in cities all over the world who agree that it is important to foster innovation not only through mentoring new entrepreneurs, but also through developing relationships with groups like academic research institutions, investors, and government.

Building a community has many benefits. It makes it easy for you to grow many passionate advocates, your small time investment in helping the community is magnified by others following suit, you can increase access to talented individuals as your startup grows, and you are able to reflect on your own actions — sometimes receiving valuable mentorship from your own mentee.

We are looking to make it easier for eager and experienced entrepreneurs to become productive leaders in their community through mentoring and coaching others who are interested in contributing. In our area of focus, we’re less interested in the next Twitter or Airbnb, though. We’re interested in those eager to build a more abundant future through collaborative and creative problem solving, which usually requires deep tech.

A rising tide lifts all boats

Entrepreneurs and startup founders play an important role in being the natural and most effective leaders for innovation ecosystems of an area or city, and through small investments of time into the communities which they are a part of, large returns will be gained by all involved.

Over the past year we have been expanding the reach of and evolving our Gemini Incubator — a global network of individuals and organisations dedicated to fostering thriving innovation ecosystems in and between cities — to refocus our collective efforts into successfully executing aspirational solutions to large and difficult problems.

We invite applicants to join this incubator, not just for the 6-month induction program (min. 3 hours per week, after hours) where we foster personal development and encourage the practice of creative problem solving through lean methodology, but for the lifelong network that you will have access to upon graduation.

For 2018, we’re looking for entrepreneurial leaders from cities around the world who would like to bring this culture and global network to your city. We have designed Gemini to overcome the tyranny of distance through what could be described as an online incubator, with an extreme offline community focus.

If you’re a founder of a space tech startup, then you should reach out to us right away, but we welcome anyone interested in our vision of an abundant future with the entrepreneurial qualification to lead a Gemini chapter in your city.

In a nutshell, we aim to secure the following to launch in a city:

  • A community leader to build engagement with Gemini and the wider space innovation ecosystem
  • An entrepreneurial coach to lead the chapter and guide the cadets and alumni
  • Mentors who are willing to dedicate an hour or so of time to engage with the next generation of community members once per week
  • Community venue partners (e.g. co-working space)
  • A group of special guest speakers within your timezone who can lead discussions on the weekly content we provide
  • Partnerships with local university student clubs to provide leadership training and access to mentorship, for students who may feed into the innovation ecosystem post-graduation

If you are interested in leading the growth of a space innovation ecosystem in your city or country, we’d like to hear from you.