Every morning when I look at my inbox, I see a flood of emails. Both from people I know, and more from people who I’m yet to meet. One of the ways I know Moonshot is doing good work is seeing this increasing demand for stuff we do around the globe.

The most common thing we hear is that other accelerators don’t give space startup founders what they need to grow and succeed, and since we don’t have applications open today, can we help even though a startup isn’t a part of one of our programs? We get founders asking for connections to top talent in our network who they can reach out to hire as they rapidly expand their businesses, while we also get amazing people asking for connections to startups they might be able to join.

Students are always asking how they can get their feet in the door with local space tech companies. We also get a lot of aspiring space tech investors looking for advice on how to learn about space opportunities, how they can get to know good emerging space companies, and how they can become a trusted mentor, selected to invest in one of our investment funds.

We believe in building a collaborative ecosystem so the whole community can win bigger in time, rather than being a gatekeeper monetising access. The challenge is Moonshot has limited resources to help with all the above and more. We haven’t been able to connect all of the people that we should be able to, so can we do more with the resources we do have?

How do we let as many people as possible join our community, before they’re one of our mentors or a part of one of our programs? Our answer is Nexus: an open place for everyone to find and learn from each other. A home for a real space tech community, that encourages new collaboration and investment.

It’s not a new concept of ours, and we’ve tried different versions of this in the past, but as we prepare to launch a new series of programs and investment funds in 2022, I want you to join us and help create a bustling community of space tech founders, investors, operators and students, all coming together to build a rising tide to lift all boats.

To kickstart your experience, we’re hosting an open invite to everyone to join us at 0500 Zulu time (4 PM AEDT) every Friday for a casual End-of-Week catch-up. No video, just audio, so you can treat it just like a podcast that you can engage in. So charge up your AirPods, install the app onto your phone, and get ready to see where the conversation takes us as we get together to discuss and answer questions about all things space tech.

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