“Give me that which I want, and you shall have this which you want”

-Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations

As an organisation, Moonshot is accelerating humanity by supporting people to function at the intersection of science and entrepreneurship. We talk about space as a symbol of where this intersection is able to lead humanity as we search for a utopic future. This pursuit is so critical to what it means to be human that all cultures have featured this search as a core part of their mythology.

Space was never fascinating to anyone because of the rockets, satellites and other technologies, but because of the opportunities, we can imagine when we see our collective reach piercing through the boundaries of our infinitesimal Pale Blue Dot, and out into the infinite.

At Moonshot, we’ve spent a couple of years developing a series of events, accelerators and investment opportunities that bring together all space economy participants in a mutually productive way to help seed and cultivate the most promising ideas, teams, business models and technologies into scaled solutions.

Behind this is our own complex business model where we balance and align the interests of all stakeholder groups so that at each stage of a new space business’ maturity, the collaborating stakeholder groups mutually benefit. Government, investors, large corporations, new startups, media, and universities each have an interest in playing a key role in generating a new wealth of opportunity for humanity, and the Moonshot model is a fine-tuned engine to drive this.

Moonshot is a framework and a movement that carries great people and ideas from Earth to the moon and beyond.

The most valuable aspect of all of this is not our framework, though. It’s the international community which we’ve grown in parallel. Moonshot is the sum of these two parts — our Moonshot model, and the people that participate within and around it.

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This article is the first of a 3 part series:
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Part 3: Join the Moonshot Movement

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