“It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn’t feel like a giant. I felt very, very small.”

— Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 Astronaut

As Moonshot expands and gains traction, we’re strengthening and expanding our network and communities across the globe. Everyone has a role to play — from the largest corporation to the most remote individual — and we’re inviting you to join and contribute as a member of our community.

Apart from our members and programs, we have a leadership structure to help identify what roles different leaders in our community play. We’re currently embarking on a new campaign to ratify our network structure, and we’d like you to consider where you would like to fit in.


The highest status honorary position in the community, for the highest-calibre individuals who lend their credibility to Moonshot and are the prime leaders of the international community. They act as individual advisors to the Moonshot team, complimentary to our official Advisory Board.

From 2020, we intend to host an annual ceremony to award and announce new Ambassadors, who are selected from the most dedicated Diplomats. This group is restricted to no more than 5 new members per year and will have an upper limit of 150 members.


The elected leaders of our local and regional chapters across the globe are given the title of Director. We look to identify passionate people who are seeking to build an awesome space innovation community.

Directors get to join an elite international network of space economy leaders, and Moonshot seeks to supercharge their ability to create a highly capable local space community through helping them run Moonshot’s Stage 1 and 2 programs locally, as well as connecting their community with international experts and organisations.

We want to help our Directors become leaders who can bring together great people to generate engaging conversations between founders, experts, professionals, researchers and academics to result in the co-creation of solutions to big problems.

We are currently taking applications for Directors in cities across the globe. For more information on our 2019 Director recruitment campaign, please visit this page here: https://moonshotspace.typeform.com/to/BItPqZ


Diplomats are valuable advisers, mentors, investors, and industry representatives stationed around the world.

If you would like to be a recognised Diplomat of Moonshot, please let us know here: https://moonshotspace.typeform.com/to/BItPqZ


Occasionally we partner with organisations who contribute their own members to assist as mentors, investors or speakers. We give these people the title of Delegate to distinguish between the individuals who participate in the Moonshot community on their own time.

If you would like your organisation to join the Moonshot community, please reach out.


Partners are organisations with whom we have established a mutually beneficial working relationship. We partner with various kinds of organisations.

Corporations: When a company gets so large, it can be difficult to move as fast as smaller startups, or to know where new opportunities lie. We work with large corporations build new business ventures and opportunities by executing strategies that integrate valuable platforms into space supply chains, incubating and accelerating internal innovations, or forming new research and development partnerships between government and universities.

Our work with corporate partners helps provide the resources to operate our early stage events and programs across the globe.

Governments: We work with governments to foster powerful space economies and facilitate the creation of innovation precincts with valuable international connections. Mostly, we help foster the creation of new jobs.

Not-for-profit organisations: Partnering with not-for-profit organisations with whom our values and mission align closely mean we can help supercharge their efforts through an international network, and we can collaborate to execute better local projects and events.

Universities: Universities are local melting pots for innovation and co-creation. From curious students seeking training to create a valuable future to academic researchers working tirelessly to help the world understand how to build a better future. We work with universities to help create better-prepared students and commercial R&D projects aligned with the needs of industry.


General members of our community are those who engage with our services, events, programs and networks. If you participate on our web forums, or have completed any of the stages of our Moonshot model, then you’re a valued member of our international community. We rank our members by the stages which they’ve successfully completed, which helps others within the community identify the credibility of advice or contributions an individual has made.

If you’d like to become a member of Moonshot, then reach out to your local Director or join our online community — the Moonshot Nexus — at chat.moonshotspace.co.

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