Hello world!

For the past 4 years, I’ve been assembling the most extensive and valuable community of space economy stakeholders. The leaders of this community, our Ambassadors, Diplomats and Directors, believe in Moonshot’s mission and the value of our framework, on which we can accelerate the growth of a wealthy space economy.

Over the past quarter we hosted over 100 meetings across the globe and we are looking to further establish and expand this international network.

It’s impossible to build true relationships with people without meeting in person. Video and teleconference calls, while convenient, filter out all but negligible amounts of rapport.

This is Moonshot’s unique value proposition and competitive advantage. We have real relationships with real partners. This is a real global network.

Passionate founders, modern space agencies, respected universities, and visionary investors. These are the key partners we have been negotiating new relationships with recently, and we believe each are essential for the programs we offer to be successful in each of our locations.

Later this year we intend to launch the 4th generation of our Stage 1 and 2 programs in up to 15 cities in Australia and around the globe. These programs, which we’ve previously run across Australia and South East Asia, will be fueled by Moonshot and led by our amazing Directors, Diplomats and Delegates stationed in each city.

Stages 1 and 2 are programs that build the foundations of a space innovation community in a given city

During our travels we began negotiations with a large spread of potential new partner organisations to the Moonshot network, each individually sought out as a part of our global strategy — from large space agencies to space community leaders.

Ultimately, we intend to build an international network of space economy precincts and we need to bootstrap the communities who will drive them— founders, job seekers, investors, policy makers, researchers, and large corporations.

We’re almost half way through 2019 and it’s been an incredibly productive year so far for Moonshot. Our focus for now is building the most extensive and valuable network of the international space economy, and if all goes well, it will help us reach more people all across the globe through our next generation of programs.

Thank you to all of those who took the time to meet with me on my travels, and especially for your patience as we make sure everything is in good order for you to join us.

Ad astra.