At Moonshot we’re always trying to come up with new and better ways of bringing people together to learn and share ideas on how to transition our global economy into a space economy. Space is about more than just space, it’s about how we use our access to new domains to give us new perspectives on existing challenges and new ways to solve them so that we can together build a better world.

We’re launching Contemplations to help engage with all parts of our network that will help with this – from founders to investors, to policymakers and researchers.

Each week we intend to assemble a panel of experts from within our community, to discuss some of the novel ideas and challenges that space affords us today. We’ll spend 30 minutes live streaming this discussion on social media before we ask our community to join us on a Zoom call where we’ll host a number of small round-table discussions. Contemplations is designed to introduce new ideas and thoughts and then for everyone – from all backgrounds – to discuss them together.

In addition to the main breakout rooms, we’re also testing additional rooms with other purposes, such as a pitch practice and feedback room.

We hope that we’ll help aspiring founders discover new problem domains to focus on, new investors discover unique early-stage investment opportunities, mentors to put their experience to the test and give back to the next generation of builders, and, overall, help cultivate a rising tide on which we can all collaborate and grow together.

We will continue to experiment regarding the structure that works best for our Contemplations events, so we’d love your feedback.

For our first official Moonshooter Contemplations session we’ll be led by Carley Scott of Equatorial Launch Australia, Kieran Blair of Beings Systems, Alisa Starkey of Ozius, and myself. Each of these people has founded a company that represents the three categories of the space economy according to Moonshot: Space-Enabling businesses, Space Infrastructure businesses, and Space Enabled businesses.

I’d love for you join us, so, please register for this week’s event by clicking the banner below!

Ad astra!